About us

My name is Anat, I'm married to Nir and together we have three lovely children.
I set up the store out of a desire to make it easier for people in general and for families in particular to buy. Because I know how hard it is to do shopping with children (they also do not let you search for products quietly and they also demand that you buy something for them too).
In order to lower the prices, we bring the goods directly from the supplier and thus save storage and handling fees. Sometimes this increases the shipping time but overall it pays.
Unlike other shopping sites that serve as a platform for sellers to advertise their products and serve as intermediaries between you and the seller, here the conduct is directly in front of me.
While at other sites the products are displayed not necessarily according to your wishes and sometimes influenced by external factors, each customer stands by himself.
The two most important things that characterize the store (apart from the product itself of course) are the service and reliability. I regard the service as a supreme value, and so forth, both in reliability and as far as I am concerned, these are two things I will not compromise on.
Therefore, feel free to contact us with any question or problem.
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