The meaning of the color of the garment

So after we understood how to choose the color of our clothes, the question arises whether his color, apart from beauty, also has meaning?
So ... it turns out so.

There you have it, a number of colors and their meaning


The most popular color in the fashion world.
Transports elegance, cleanliness and simplicity


It is a very dominant color.
Since it attracts attention the red color will highlight you and your sexuality.
Red color is also attributed to leadership, so some people wear it when they want to make a statement.


It is a color that transmits efficiency and wisdom


It is a soothing color which will make you look compassionate


It is a color that transmits honesty and morality.
White clothes indicate a high social status


It is a color that is very visually stimulating.
It transmits tension and anxiety but also equally optimistic


It is a cascade that symbolizes optimism, a calm character and good health


It is a color that transmits reliability and warmth.
The blue color will make you look serious and intellectual

 Brown/ Beige

Are considered to be more formal clothes

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