That's how you'll keep your clothes for long time

We spend quite a bit of money and time buying clothes, but we need to know how to keep them so that they can be used for long time

Some do not actually keep their clothes in order to have an excuse to buy a new one.

But for all those who want to keep their clothes, here are some tips to help you

  1. Remove makeup stains from clothes with shaving cream- Apply shaving cream to the stained area, wait a few seconds and remove it.
  2. Fast ironing clothes with hair straightener- You ironed a garment and when you wore it you noticed the wrinkle? Instead of taking over the ironing board, use ironed hair slipping
  3. Remove static electricity with tissue paper- Static electricity can damage the garment fibers. Just rub the fabric with a simple tissue
  4. It is recommended to soften leather jackets before wearing them for the first time. You can do this by soaking them in a water bowl and hanging them in a ventilated place
  5. A mixture of water and lemon will help you get rid of sweat stains on the clothes and prevent the color from fading.

Hope we helped :)

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