Prepare your wardrobe for the winter

During the winter, it is important to dress well in order to maintain body heat and avoid illness.
But, not enough to dress well, it is advisable to wear clothes where they will not interfere with our daily activities.
Here are some recommendations on how to dress, of course it all depends on how cold outside
First layer - a thermal layer that aims to keep the sweat away from the body and thus prevent it from cooling it. It is very important for this layer to be close to the body so it is also important that it is pleasant to the touch and will not affect our movements

The second layer will serve as insulation. Its purpose is to prevent body heat from coming out.
The third layer, its purpose is to protect us from the environment and usually it is a windbreaker or a raincoat

In summary, it is important to choose a garment that will also keep your body warm but also comfortable to wear.
In any case, no matter what you choose to wear, the main thing is that you will be healthy

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