How to choose the right color?

One of the biggest problems in choosing a garment is the choice of color.

Many of us are debating which color will best suit us. Should we choose a color that suits our skin color? according to our jewelry? Is it fashionable?

Here, some tips will help you decide.

Choose the colors that suit you

Colors of burgundy, orange and shades of yellow are suitable for people with tanned skin

Bring the garment to your facial skin and you will see how it is reflected.

Choose colors that already exist in your overall appearance

Contrary to what you think, it is not always right to choose a color that is contrary to your colors, because then it is the garment that will steal the show.
Remember - the garment is supposed to help you steal the focus and not the garment will steal the focus from you

Combine a smooth garment with a printed garment

If you have a shirt with a print match her pants that have the colors of the print

And once you've chosen the right color, you just have to choose the right garment for the right occasion.

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