How to choose clothes?

Today, clothes have become an accessible and inexpensive product.
But there are still different levels of quality that affect the durability of the garment and of course its price.
What's better - natural or synthetic?
Natural fabric is usually "breathing fabric" which means it is more pleasant, but at the same time it shrinks, crinkles and of course expensive
On the other hand, synthetic fabric is more resistant to wrinkles, can be stretched and cheaper, its disadvantage is that it is less pleasant to the body.
What should you check when choosing a garment?
  1. The wrinkle level of the garment by crushing it by hand. If, after crushing it for a few seconds, it remains wrinkled, it is reasonable to assume that the cloth is not of high quality
  2. Dense and thick seam indicative of good quality
  3. A hidden zipper is preferable to maintain its durability - however it makes the garment more expensive
  4. Check the hem- good hem is between 1-4 cm
  5.  The more elastic the fabric, the better
  6. Make sure the zipper is the same - if you can not close the zipper, go through the teeth with a pencil
  7. Check that all the buttons are in place - in a quality garment you will also find an extra button attached to the garment
In conclusion, these tests will help you in choosing a quality garment. However, it is important to remember that the quality of the garment affects his acquaintance and therefore it is also important to understand what our purpose in choosing the garment.
what do you prefer? Shirt or Dress?

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