Dress or Shirt?

Is there an event soon? What to wear? Dress or shirt?
We often encounter this dilemma
So what's better?

Definitely not a simple dilemma, and the truth? There is no real answer to this dilemma
On the one hand, Shimla sometimes gives your body a formal look, special and sexy, also wearing it takes less time

The problem is that sometimes it highlights or reveals parts of us that we like less

On the other hand, a shirt can sometimes be more appropriate, especially if you do not really want to be formal and prefer to be light, you can always choose what to stand out with.
The problem is that then you have to choose the right pants, which makes the dilemma double

So what are we doing?
The dilemma may not be simple but the rule is very simple

Choose what your looks is most beautiful on you and what you feel most comfortable with.
Do not choose what others think you will like because you will feel uncomfortable and those around you will notice it

You're welcome to look at our dress collection and our shirt collection, maybe it'll help you with your dilemma

Here's some of our favorite dresses


Here some of our favorite shirts

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