Buying clothes - recreation or torture?

Most of us like to buy clothes, don't we?

But let's face it, sometimes it can be really frustrating
Because we are not sure of color, shape, and unsafe whether the garment looks good on us.

So here are some tips that might be able to help you not to hesitate so much

A garment made of stretchy fabric highlights parts of the body - we do not always want it, not always flattering

A garment made of glossy fabric sometimes embodies more but less flattering

A garment made of thin fabric will often not look good on the body

Garment made of transparent fabric is also usually linked to what could lead to a situation of OVER

So what would be flattering?

Fabrics - do not stretch

Medium-thick fabric

A garment that falls on the body and does not cling

Sharpener / A good bra and true lily will help you to accentuate / hide your chest

In conclusion, no matter what is recommended, what really matters is how you feel with the garment.
If you like the garment, then do not relate to what they say, the main thing is you and what's good for you

Are you invited to indulge with one of our dresses or maybe one of the shirts?

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